Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The last two weeks have been slower now that we are nearing the end of school. The kids have been going on a crazy number of field trips. I believe Gavin is up to 8 now and Lily not far behind. SO they come home exhausted or just want to be lazy. But here is what I have of the days my phone was working. 

While on a long walk down Pine street to pay a bill Soren and I came across a park we had never been to. We dug long paths in the sand.

He is always asking Justin how to play guitar. <3

The Gerbils.

Soren loves his new cup

The girls enjoying some time at the dog park. A run then a swim. To end Lilys last day of being 8.

Gavin was super excited the day we found the old skatepark. They are rebuilding a new amazing one down on the waterfront and this one is right next to the dog park so he can skate while the dog can run and play. Everyone wins!

Lily's birthday! We had given he so many choices of what to do and she chose to have Alaina sleep over THATS IT! Yay for easy!  So we had her over and had an adventurous day.
But I think Gavin's highlight was when the street performer ( who was on Americas got talent) chose him to help in his show and paid him after!

The next morning was the Marathon. It was so fun!  The kids sold Lemonade and made 45$ for the Humane Society! And they looked cute doing it!

Gavin was the best at cheering on the runners, Yelling to them jumping up and down, giving high fives! He even made it in the paper! Cool kid. 

Sweet Lily enjoying the swing we put up. 


Cheering on Bernie with 5000 others at the Campaign Announcement along with a group of friends.