Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy Sicklings

Right now if you walk into my room this is what you will find. My sick baby finally resting after a long hard day. Poor Soren has a cold a pretty nasty one. He's having trouble breathing out of his nose making nursing nearly impossible, but after some steam and saline drops he finally was able to rest.

We started the day switching the books up. The weather is changing the air is crisp and my favorite time of year is upon us. So we got out some of the fall and Halloween books, Lily loves this task every time we do it!

She was not so happy when Soren wanted to help out but get the job done and was proud of her choices even the few barbie books she snuck in :)

Today since Soren is sick (along with Gavin and I) he is not so happy and I decided some fresh air would do us some good. Gavin brought his scooter while I pushed Soren and Lily in the stroller. We went to feed the ducks

petting a dog ,

Much later in the day after we all rested and ate we went back out Gavin really wanted t watch the skateboarders, he wants a skateboard more than anything right now, "a skull one" he says. Many times a week he goes to watch the skateboarders and then plays with his scooter at the skate park. Lily also does some riding around but she is MUCH more cautious. Gavin scares the crap out of me.

Then we ended the day with take out pizza because there was not way I could cook with a sick baby, some playing and bed. I'm going in early tonight. I'm exhausted!

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