Monday, September 12, 2011

Tonight I'm exhausted, I'm not really sure why. I think this cold just kicked my butt. I'm definitely getting better thought. Gavin and Soren are also better however Soren did have a low fever today and was still cranky. I hope tomorrow we are all almost 100% better!

Today I had a lot to mail and tomorrow I do to but Im glad to get some of it out and I was also glad to ahve a helper

I wanted to take the camera with me a few times today and forgot it. Bummer. OH well I did get this silly shot of Lily's nails

This is the first time she has let me do more than one color on all of them and then she decided i could make polka dots. It was fun! And she could not wait to show daddy! Lily likes to follow "fashion" so she says. But I think here she is stepping out a bit and I like that she is showing off herself a bit more these days :)

Gavin was to busy for pictures today he had homework and Lego to play with before playing with daddy. Then he and Lily played "library" in their room with the door closed while I gave Soren a bath. He's getting crazy in the bath lately. YIKES.

Now they are all sleeping Im enjoying a beer and going to bed myself. Night!

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